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National television broadcast

Jim Henson used to talk about creating “the illusion of life” in puppetry. The amazing animators at Walt Disney Studios also used this phrase. The idea is that you can take inanimate objects or a series of drawings, and make them appear to be alive, complete with vivid personalities, thoughts and emotions.


When Todd was a young teenager, one of his first ventures into animation was a flip book he created. Each page was slightly different than the previous, and when you quickly flipped through the pages, the drawings appeared to be moving. The flip book Todd made was a cartoon cowboy character who pulls his gun and fires it as an arrow flies into the scene and sticks into his big cowboy hat. Todd later moved on to shooting videos one frame at a time to create short animated pieces. He worked his way up to national television commercials. If you saw Tony the Tiger, the Keebler Elves, the Raid bugs (and many others) in the early 1990’s, you probably saw Todd’s work. He eventually was able to get a strong demo reel together as part of his portfolio and contributed either animation or storyboard work for television productions like Batman: The Animated Series, Spider-Man, Family Guy, Godzilla and many others.


Todd is proud of the work he did on those television shows and even more proud that so many people remember them today.

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