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In a dramatic kids’ show format, puppet host Lonny Awesome and friends celebrate and inspire creativity through stories, humor, animation and a “how to draw” segment. Each episode features a well-known, famous artist.

The Lonny Awesome Show

Created by Todd Aaron Smith

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”


“Every child is an artist until they are told they’re not an artist.”

                                          -John Lennon

This video series is educational, but it also reassures kids that they are artists, too. Through colorful puppets, sets, animation and fun, Lonny Awesome and his friends create a great environment in which to celebrate the arts. The Lonny Awesome Show is a safe place for children to visit. They will learn, but more importantly, they will be inspired. There is no other video series like this.


Lonny is one of us. He loves creativity. He loves art. He loves a silly joke. He can hardly wait to share that love. Lonny and his friends come together each episode to entertain, but they can’t help but to spread their enthusiasm for the arts. Lonny is the host of the show, so he introduces each segment knowing his friends fuel his enthusiasm. He is always just as amazed as anyone else to see what is presented in each episode. Lonny wants kids
to know that there is no one else in the world like them...
and that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

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His name is Mike Speaker because that’s what he does. He speaks into a mic. His name is rarely mentioned on the show, though, as he simply goes about his business, announcing Lonny and being the straight man for his jokes. Mike does his job from a sound booth, just off the main set of The Lonny Awesome Show.


This is Pete & Reggie. Pete & Reggie are fish. They are the only animated cartoon characters in the show. During the “commercial” break after Lonny’s monologue, Pete & Reggie relay the simple truth that we should use our creativity. Pete is the motivated fish who likes to draw, paint, and study the world around him. Reggie is the less-than-motivated fish who is easily distracted. In each episode, Reggie learns a hard yet hilarious lesson about enjoying his creativity.

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Rose is a journalist. There is nothing she loves more than to travel the world and to share brilliant works of art with the show’s audience. Rose loves point out details of each work of art and to be the eyes and ears of people who cannot travel to those far-away places themselves. Rose is very sweet and always worried that her live reports will get in the way of

someone else’s enjoyment of the art. She appreciates every assignment and looks forward to where she will go next.


Vincent is the character that will change with every episode, as a different world-famous artist will be featured in each. With a puppet that resembles the artist, this character is used for the life story video segment. This section will always have the artist shown in his / her appropriate setting native to the artists themselves, while that artist and their artwork is discussed.

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Todd is the only human on the show. Once introduced by Lonny, Todd welcomes us into his studio and makes a sketch, encouraging us that with a little practice, we can make good sketches, too. Todd assures kids that they are artists and can create their own worlds while drawing. His focus is on the love of creating. Children are mesmerized by watching Todd draw, but he is careful to explain that we don’t have to be the best artist in the world. He reminds us that we should make drawings because we love to make drawings. This segment is intended to encourage sketching.

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