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Each card is standard trading card size (2 1/2" x 3 1/2"). They will not have any logo printed on the front of the card and will be drawn on Todd Aaron Smith's official card stock.  Each card will be packaged securely in a protective rigid top-loader for display and protection.  Please contact us to discuss a  hand-drawn, custom card of your favorite character, celebrity, historical figure or sports star!


Todd Aaron Smith is a distinguished National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum sketch artist and accomplished artist for Topps. With an illustrious career spanning decades, Todd has established himself as a masterful portrait artist, renowned for his ability to capture the essence and personality of historical figures, celebrities and sports stars.  He is also a member of the Portrait Society of America.


Todd's passion for art and deep admiration for iconic individuals have led him to specialize in creating small portraits that embody the spirit and legacy of his subjects. His keen eye for detail and unwavering commitment to accuracy have made his artwork highly sought after by collectors, enthusiasts and fans alike.


As a national Hall of Fame sketch artist, Todd Aaron Smith has been recognized for his exceptional talent and contributions to the field. His artistic prowess and extensive experience have earned him a well-deserved reputation for creating stunning, lifelike portraits that resonate with fans. His work has graced the pages of prestigious publications, galleries, and private collections, showcasing his dedication to his craft.


In addition to his individual pursuits, Todd  is an esteemed artist for Topps, a leading name in the trading card industry. Collaborating with Topps allows him to merge his passion for art with his love for history and popular culture. Through his art, he brings celebrated athletes, beloved entertainers, and revered historical figures to life on unique collectible trading cards, delighting fans and collectors around the world.


Todd's artistic process is a labor of love. Each small portrait he creates is a testament to his meticulous research and deep understanding of his subjects. He carefully studies the unique facial features, body language, and expressions that define historical figures, celebrities, and sports stars. This attention to detail enables him to craft portraits that truly capture the essence of each individual, evoking a sense of familiarity and connection.


Todd Aaron Smith is committed to delivering artwork of the highest quality. Each small portrait is meticulously hand-drawn, using a combination of traditional techniques and modern artistic tools. Todd's expertise in various mediums allows him to offer clients a range of options, including color or black and white portraits, various materials such as colored pencil or graphite, and customization choices to suit individual preferences.


Clients who engage Todd Aaron Smith's services can expect an exceptional and personalized experience. Todd understands the significance of capturing the spirit of historical figures, pop culture celebrities and sports stars in a way that resonates with his clients. He maintains open lines of communication throughout the creative process, ensuring that each client's vision is realized and that the final artwork exceeds expectations.


Join Todd Aaron Smith on a captivating journey through history, pop culture, and the world of sports. Let Todd's masterful hand and artistic expertise immortalize your favorite iconic figures through captivating and timeless mini-masterpiece portraits.

Who would you like to have custom-drawn for you?

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