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Major League Baseball

In 2011, Todd Aaron Smith was given the opportunity to send sample sketches to the Topps trading card company. He sent ten sample cards to one of the art directors and soon was offered  work on the Star Wars Galactic Files project. This set was to be released in 2012, so Todd got to work on making a hundred trading cards for the set. Each card needed to receive the approval of the Topps art director as well as Lucasfilm Ltd. All of Todd's cards passed the critical reviews, and soon Todd was asked to do Star Wars Galactic Files Series 2. 

Because of his ability to capture likenesses in humans (and creatures), Todd went on to create many more.  Star Wars, Warcraft, Stranger Things, Mars Attacks, and even card sets for other companies, including ALIEN, The Hobbit, Ghostbusters, Marvel Comics, DC Comics and others are now in Todd's list of credits. 

While finishing up his fourteenth set of Star Wars cards, Todd was given the opportunity to submit samples for an upcoming set of Major League Baseball cards through Topps. This was a dream opportunity for Todd, as baseball had been a major love in his life since he was a child. Todd submitted sample drawings of baseball players and was soon sent a contract for Major League Baseball Series 1. Since then, Todd has contributed to one set after another of Topps baseball cards. This keeps him so busy that he has not been able to do any others.

The December 20, 2019 issue of Sports Collectors Digest featured Todd on the cover and included a four page story about his work for Topps and the Hall of Fame.


Todd remembers the magic of opening a pack of baseball cards and looking for his favorite players and teams. He is grateful to be able to contribute to that magic for other people now. It makes Todd happy to know that there are kids all over the country who will open a pack of baseball cards and find his artwork. The creation of Topps Major League Baseball cards is a great honor... one that Todd does not take lightly.

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