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Children's Books and Comics

Author / Illustrator

While working at an animation studio, Todd discovered that he had permission to use the cameras and equipment after hours. He wanted to create a short film about a cow who wanders away from the farm to see what life is like elsewhere. Todd created a series of storyboards for this film. An agent in Chicago saw these storyboards and knew it had the makings of a good children’s book. He asked Todd if the story could be told in 29 pages. After Todd re-worked the story, the agent showed it around to a few book publishers. One publisher asked if a second story with the same characters could be created. Todd’s first two books, “Cow Makes a Difference” and “Cow in the Dark” were born. After those, more and more books followed. Before moving on to other artistic endeavors, Todd wrote and illustrated nineteen children’s books, several of which appeared on the Best Seller list.  Todd also received an IMPACT award for his marketing art for his cow series.


In addition to his work on children’s books, Todd ventured into the world of comic book art. His first professional work in comic books was an issue of Betty & Veronica (of the Archie Comics fame). Todd has worked on many of the greatest characters in comics and regularly makes appearances at local comic book conventions where he makes sketch after sketch of characters to which he contributed.